Oh, why hello there internet!

I have been tiptoeing around this blog of mine for far too long and one of the main reasons being is my laptop broke in the Azores. Having something break so far away from everything can take ages to be replaced or repaired! (The lesson: Drop your valuables at home before heading to the festa).

I finally got a new laptop, but after not writing for quite a period of time, it felt as if I have completely forgotten who I write for, what I love to write about and why I actually write. Anyway, after wallowing in self-doubt I decided that here I write for myself because I love writing and I write about anything I want to write about! That is the short end of my writers block story.

Up until today, I have been reaching out to other online platforms to do some freelance writing for them, it has actually been working out really well and I have some exciting opportunities coming up! 

Apart from not writing, the past few months have been like a big baking bowl filled with chocolate chips and some unwelcome raisins added to the mix (If you know me, you will know that I despise the existence of raisins). 

If I think about everything in retrospect I just want to have a big fat belly laugh it at all! Below is a summary of the happenings in the past few months:

We went to South Africa: 

After almost a year away from my home country, we got the opportunity to go and visit Cape Town right before the Pico season. It was a jam-packed two and a half weeks of seeing family and catching up with friends!  In between all of the “Braai’s” and moving around we finally got to do our SSI Freediving level 2 course with Sophia at Shark Explorers, it was a huge mental turning point for me and I will forever be grateful for it!

A wild Azorean season:

Pico Island, in the Azores, welcomed us back with old friends, new-found friends, and moody weather conditions. We rented our own house and it was heaven! The dive season kicked off and the weather gave us a knocking or five, but we still managed to send the divers home smiling! I have been diving non-stop since January, and some kind of bacteria must have decided to tag along somewhere on my salty adventures…midseason I got an ear infection and throughout the season it would just leave and come back. Appreciate your ears people! It was a mental and physical killer and I do not wish it upon anybody. Apart from things breaking left and right and losing a pair of fins to the Atlantic ocean in the mix, I still became so attached to the warm Azorean people and their simple culture. I am looking forward to returning in April! Oh, and we made it through hurricane Lorenzo! 

Adulting in The Netherlands:

As Pico island became quieter and tired of tourists, it was time for us to head back to civilization and take care of a few things. After getting used to the normal order of life, it was time to find some non-diving related work. I saw it as an opportunity for my ears to heal properly. Being in The Netherlands and spending more time here than I ever have before, I really got pushed back into writing, finding some great freelancing opportunities and preparing for some great diving coming up!

I have two weeks left here in Holland and then it will be time for me to head back to South Africa to catch up with family and friends for a while! This will be the first solo trip for me after two and a half years of traveling with Marty.

I will be chopping and changing a few things on here in the meantime and there is some pretty exciting stuff to come!

I came rather close to the point of closing this account, but thanks to an extremely supportive husband who believes in me during the most impossible times, I have decided that I will keep at it here! 

The Frosty Forest

Come and take a walk with me!

The temperature here has been below zero at night for the past few nights, which means everything is freezing! The sun is shining at a minimal and the days are pretty short so when the sun does decide to shine – you race outside to catch every possible ray that you can get on your face!

You can’t take me anywhere!

Getting to see the sun rays play with the frost is quite a special kind of magic to witness, just imagine shiny sparkles all over the place! I tried my best to get the feel of it in the photos below.

If you look carefully you can see the cold sitting snug and thick in the air

This is always such a nice spot to sit at and watch all of the people go by, it’s also right above a pond!

And here is the pond! This photo was taken in the afternoon so half of the pond is frozen and the other half is thawed.

No, you are not allowed to swim in there

Alrighty, let’s continue with the walk! Say bye bye to the pond, down the steps and over the bridge we go!

I love this bridge so much!

We were right up those steps checking out the pathways and the pond a few seconds ago!

Now that we are over the bridge we are making our way to a gate, which leads the way to the plains where the sheep live !

Here is another frosty little path over the gate to the planes. Some parts of the forest are thawed since the sun made it’s way to most of it.

As we were walking down here I was scanning the ground for some frozen leaves like this one!

Here is a photo of the plains, it was not taken with this series of photos- it was actually taken last month when we just arrived in Holland.

The plains during autumn – 2018

Here is another photo of the plains on sunnier days in Holland.

Plains at the start of Autumn – 2017.
Yes, you can swim here!

Once we arrive at the plains we turn around and make our way back, on the way back we usually try and say hello to the sheep! Most of the time I have a standoff with the sheep because they seem a little bit judgemental. I’m the one who starts the standoff and I’m always the first one to walk away as it’s not my forest at the end of the day.

What kind of band do you think they are starting?

And so, the walk through the forest slowly comes to an end, by now our noses and our fingertips are frozen!

Almost home

There are all kinds of routes that you can take through this forest, but this one is my favourite!

Thank you for taking a walk with me! I hope that you loved it just as much as I do. We are heading to Spain tomorrow, This is exciting stuff!