a Sprinkle of Spain

Altea, Spain

I have always wanted to see Spain since I started thinking about travelling and Spain was always right on top of my list! Marty’s Uncle and Aunt has a house in Altea, a little bit more than a one hour drive from Alicante airport. Every year Marty and Ivo head over to do some work on the property, and since I was in Europe at that time of year I had the opportunity to go along!

The work that needed to be done was an adventure on its own! There are a lot of trees on the property and some had to be cut down while others just needed a trim and a makeover. The work involved chainsaws, leaf blowers, a whole bunch of other tools and a trusty set of gardening gloves. I got myself the position of “Branch manager” so when branches come down I drag them to the pile, like a beast!

Dream team!
This is Ivo/Lumberjacker/Karbonkel/best dude ever!

Marty built himself a little raft

With hard work comes amazing food! There is a Bolivian family who takes care of the house and Julia made us lunch every day. She made the most amazing food and even though they do not speak any English we still had an amazing lunch with them around their table communicating in toddler Spanish mixed with Portuguese and some hand gestures.

Julia, Ricardo and their boys

After lunch, we would finish up some work and go explore for a bit, Spain gave is the most amazing sunsets!

We drove to the top of the mountain and the view was amazing!
Hello Moon!

We also hiked a mountain which google claims to be a hill. Hiking is not really one of my top favourite activities and I try my best to avoid it just like some people try and avoid the ocean or diving… I’m not going to start a rant right now let’s leave it for another day.

Marty loves hiking. He is more than happy to hike!
And so does Ivo! He is like a mountain goat! For a guy who comes from a flat country, he is pretty quick when it comes to jumping rocks

I prefer not to feature in any hiking photos but I took the photos so it’s proof that I was on the hike.

The seagulls loved that “Hill”

Sunset time!

It took me really long to get down from that “Hill” but it was done.

After a week of sunshine, amazing food and some rewarding hard work it was time to head back to The Netherlands!

This was the best sunset!

I can’t thank Frank and Margot enough for everything and for letting us stay in their beautiful home! And to Julia and Ricardo for all the amazing food and friendliness!

I can’t wait to see some more of Spain.

Our flight was delayed, but we made the best of it!