Texel Island

a Typical Texel photograph

Texel is “Our place” and we go and spend a weekend there every year if we end up in Holland. Last year it was the third time we went for a visit!

Texel in 2015

“Texel? Where’s that? There is more to Holland than just Amsterdam??” YES! and it’s one of my favourite places to visit! Texel is a tiny island which is one of the Dutch Wadden islands. If you are not from the Netherlands I doubt that you will know about it, and this is one of the kazillion reasons why I love this place so much!

Saying goodbye to one of the most golden winter sunsets I have ever witnessed

a Walk to the train station, a two-hour train journey, a stop at Albert Heyn to pick up some bread for the seagulls and a swift ferry from Den Helder to Texel island and we have made it to Texel!

Feeding the birds
The first time we went over with the ferry a seagull kicked me in the face.
so now while Marty feeds them I get some great shots!
The Savages

a Weekend on this little island is exactly what a tired soul need after a pretty full on season of diving. Our only gap to go for a visit is during October/November when it is the off-season for diving so you get to go into hibernation for a weekend which is pure bliss.

We haven’t done much growing up since this photo was taken four years ago, the only thing that changed is that we got married!

No, we do not stay indoors all weekend. After a proper sleep in and breakfast, we get going. Texel has long beaches and on every kilometre, there is a bar so we will walk a whole stretch in the cold and on the way back stop off in a bar or two.

Thawing in a beach bar and waiting for some proper rain to pass.
We got so soaked on this day!
Oh, stormy stormy Texel. I love stormy Texel.

The accommodation we usually stay at has a Tandem so we sure put good use to that bike! The last time we took it off roading, that little Gazelle was a champ!

With some prober numb bums from the “Gazelle”, we decided to have a stretch and a sandwich at this lookout point!
It was pretty wonky and windy up here!

There is a place called Eco-Mare where they rehabilitate seals, seabirds, porpoises and any other ocean friends who need some care and they have a really great thing going teaching people about pollution, the animals and ocean conservation!

Hiding from the rain, agaaaaain!

Let’s not forget about the Strandjutters museum, it’s full of stories; The North Sea and Texel island have a pretty proper history of shipwrecks and containers which went overboard and washed up on the beach, you can imagine a garage full of old school stuff and beauty products and all kinds of things! It’s a great place to just walk around and read up about the stories of the ships and the trash that came with it!

a Friend we made while having coffee the one morning.

Texel is lazy and full of adventure at the same time. That little speck on this planet keeps on growing on me and I can just never get enough of that place.

Off to dinner, we go!

With its unpredictable weather patterns which get you soaked! It’s local beers and farmlands that stretch for days, one visit will never be enough.

We love you Texel!