Turtle Time!

“And the turtles, of course…all the turtles are free, as turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be.”

– Dr Seuss

When Marty and I got married last year we decided to take a late honeymoon to Tenerife! Both of us love freediving and found an amazing freediving centre called Atlantis freediving. It’s run by Pavol and this guy is all about proper skills, safety, fun, and humour! 

The course duration was about two days long and after exploring the island for a few days when the course was over Pavol got in touch with us to let us know that they are planning a trip to go and swim with the green turtles and the bull rays! There was no way that we would miss a day with turtles and one last dive with Pavol and the gang. 

Photo by Marty 

We met up with them in Los Cristianos, hopped on a boat and within 20 minutes we made it to the turtles! The dive site is so special – it’s basically a sanctuary where the Green Turtles stay along with the Bull rays. After a briefing, we got ready to get in the water and it was an hour and a half of gliding and playing with the turtles and the rays! 

Photo by Marty

This was my very first encounter with turtles and ever since I could not stop obsessing over these animals. They have a grace and a breath hold that freedivers can only envy. 

Photo by Marty

It’s always a quiet experience with turtles – you can’t approach them too fast otherwise you can forget about having a memorable encounter with them and if they approach you, all you need to do is just keep still and steady and enjoy every second. There is no need to corner or chase them as you will just stress them out and it is really bad for their health.

Whether it is going to a turtle hot spot, a turtle passing by on a dive or just seeing one from the boat I always feel like the luckiest girl alive when I get to see these ancient mellow fellows. 

a Massive Thank You to Pavol at Atlantis Freediving for turning into a friend, taking us to see some other awesome spots around the island and an unforgettable freediving course. We will be back!